In addition to regular articles in the Times-Argus and Bridge, and occasional stories on, these stories have been published in Vermont magazines:

Winemaking in Barre (Vermont’s Local Banquet, Spring 2013)

Set the Table with Kombucha (Vermont’s Local Banquet, Winter 2012)

Out to Eat: Peter Havens (Vermont Life, Summer 2011)

Micro Milk (Vermont’s Local Banquet, Summer 2011)

Last Morsel: On Potlucks  (Vermont’s Local Banquet, Fall 2010)

Cooking up the American Dream: Community kitchens help immigrants sell their native foods (Vermont’s Local Banquet, Summer 2010)

Grocery Stores Taking Stock of Local Foods (Vermont’s Local Banquet, Summer 2009)

Jack Lazor and the Graining of Vermont (Vermont’s Local Banquet, Spring 2009)

Neighborhood Investments: Local Vermont Restaurants and Markets Follow the CSA Model (Vermont’s Local Banquet, Winter 2009)

A Culinary Adventure: Vermont’s Food Venture Center (Edible Green Mountains, Summer 2008)


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