Capital Kitchen Supports Young Cooks

Invariably, something gets left out of every story; there’s only enough space to tell one tale well. My story in today’s Times-Argus, Montpelier Center Satisfies Teen Appetites, explains how the Basement Teen Center purchased a CSA from Tangletown Farm to expose young people to local, healthy food.

What could be an entirely separate story is the support the Center has received from Capital Kitchen, the cookware store on State Street. Capital Kitchen owner Jess Turner has provided the Center with “extreme” discounts as well as generous gift cards, according to Center program director Nick Conner.

“It’s fun to go into the store with the kids,” Conner says. “I’ll say, ‘this pan is pretty banged up,'” and we’ll go in there and learn about different equipment, and check out all the pans, and the kids will decide which one to buy.”

After replacing some pots and pans, the young people also picked out a Kitchen Aid mixer — red, to match the Center’s walls.

The Center, or “The Teen” as it’s known to the young people who frequent it, serves a hot, healthy meal every Friday night. As gourmands around the world know, a little treat is a healthy part of healthy eating. “We try to have dessert, cookies or cake, every Friday,” Conner says. The Kitchen Aid mixer comes in handy for cookie dough and cake batter and, of course, pizza dough.

The Teen receives food resources through the Kids Cafe program of the Vermont Foodbank, which serves as many as 86,000 Vermonters in need of emergency food assistance each year. Make a donation now.


You have to run with it

What a pleasure to meet Judith Jones, Julia Child’s editor, and hear stories of her work with the woman who made great cooking greatly accessible to American cooks.

Hardly a sidenote: If it weren’t for Judith Jones, “The Diary of Anne Frank” might never have been published.

Global Bites catering did an amazing job scaling up many recipes from ‘Mastering the Art’ for the crowd of about 90. Here’s the first plate, including celery root remoulade and terrine of pork, veal and ham. If it needs saying: it was fantastic.

Citing a conversation with Julia Child, Ms. Jones recalls Child telling Jones, “You and I were born at the right time.” Maybe so, Jones noted, but, “You have to run with it.” Indeed!

Celebrating Mastering the Art

Tonight I am feeling super fortunate to be joining many illustrious food folks at the Lakeview Inn in Greensboro to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Julia Child’s ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking.’

I confess: Seeing Julia’s kitchen at the Smithsonian brought me to tears. I hope to hear some good stories tonight!