Salt Cafe’s cookbook bookshelf

Dan Green and Suzanne Podhaizer, co-owners of Salt Cafe, relocated to Montpelier from Burlington to open their restaurant, and while the boxes are barely unpacked at their apartment, Podhaizer notes that all her favorite cookbooks have made it onto the shelves at the restaurant. Some of those titles?

Salted (of course!)
The Flavor Bible
Vegetable Love
Cupboard Love

Between braising and baking, afternoons are likely to find the pair browsing cookbooks and food magazines for inspiration, contributing to the comfortable, home-kitchen atmosphere that regulars find so appealing. Lately they’ve been perusing seed catalogs too, as they’re collaborating with a few local farmers who will grow for the restaurant.

Green spent most of the last year working at Jericho Settlers’ Farm, an experience which has strengthened his commitment to using every part of the ingredients that come his way. “We want as closed a loop as possible,” he notes, “which comes from a place of respect for the farmers and for the animal.”

Frequent guests may note another kind of respect too—respect for each other. Despite the stresses of quitting two jobs, moving to a new town, and opening a restaurant, Green and Podhaizer both readily note that they are getting along quite well and are enjoying this new opportunity. Maybe some of those cookbooks – Cupboard Love comes to mind – contain relationship advice too?!

Montpelier stands to benefit greatly from the pair’s energy and enthusiasm, as well as their great food. Reservations are greatly appreciated so they can ensure a table for all who arrive. BYOB for the moment, until the liquor license is approved; check when you call to reserve. 229-6678.

Check out their profile in today’s Times-Argus. (The Times-Argus has recently moved its content behind a paywall – to support those who report and publish the local news.)


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