Kismet anew

“We’re hosting our own cocktail party – come buy a drink and we’ll give you some free food,” read the Facebook post yesterday. Who was I to say no? I’ve been jonesing, because

Kismet has been closed for almost a month, as chef-owner Crystal Maderia and her dedicated crew moved the business to its new location at 52 State Street. It was worth the wait, as

last night, Maderia treated opening night guests to nibbles off the “Bits and Pieces” menu. We c ouldn’t name our favorite between tiny morsels of succulent roasted lamb dunked in a tahini sauce; a creamy pâté, with apple cider jelly served alongside; “fish and chips,” housemade potato chips sprinkled liberally with sea salt and dipped in a pickled carp roe aioli; and mock “calamari” made of breaded oyster mushrooms, served with a fiddlehead remoulade. We sat underneath a

crystal chandelier, the glass prisms of which mirrored the crystal teardrops on Crystal Maderia’s necklace. Her face was aglow, the days (and nights) of preparation no match for the excitement and enthusiasm she displayed as she plated food and chatted with guests.

“I feel good to be open,” she said, reflecting on the weeks of cleaning and remodeling. “Once I start cooking, I feel better.” And that’s a good thing, since

Kismet is open again, for good! This weekend, Maderia will prepare breakfast-lunch-brunch from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Tonight (Saturday), a reservations-only dinner service is planned from 6-9. Call 223-8646 to see if there’s still a spot.


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