Birchgrove for Lunch!

Many Montpelierites swear by Birchgrove Baking on Elm Street for their morning coffee, or latte–if you’ve never see the art the baristas do in the foamed milk, you’re missing out–but today I was lucky enough to pick up lunch and folks, it’s worth it.

My sandwich was big enough for two but I ate it all…and I’m not totally sorry. Roast pork tenderloin, thickly sliced, mingled with melty-chunky bleu cheese, steamed spinach and sliced steamed squash on a toasty wheat roll.  It was still warm when I got home and I just couldn’t bear to put any of it in the fridge.

Don’t want to worry with pies this Thanksgiving? Order now, while owner-bakers John and Jenn can still see straight!


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