Brett Champlain says goodbye to Montpelier…

Brett Champlain, the extremely talented chef at the Three Penny Taproom–who has introduced many of us to the non-awfulness of offal–will be moving on. In his weekly e-mail newsletter entitled “Hey, Try This,” he explains thusly:

“Just like the seasons change so does life. I’ll be making the pilgrimage soon to work with some of my favorite people of all time, who pull double duty as notably talented chefs and cooks at The Breslin in New York City. I’ll also spend time with a lot of really great vegetables and animals…It’s not that I don’t love Montpelier, I’m just not in love with Montpelier. I hope you can all come in and say happy trails before I go. Thanks for giving me a chance to share some things I like with you.”

Brett’s last day at the Three Penny will be April 10. I know I’ll be stopping in to say goodbye. Thanks, Brett, for all the calf heart, duck liver, pressed pig and potted rabbit–but even more for demonstrating that eating the whole animal can be a delicious way to engage in sustainable dining. Good luck!


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